Brick F’ing Wall

This is a Foo Fighters song:

I don’t like all of the Foo Fighters’s (is that correct grammar?  They’re a singular entity, as a band, so you’d want the “‘s”, right?  It’s not like they’re really “fighters of foo”.) stuff but this song makes me want to run through a brick fucking wall.  Love it.  LOOOOOOve it.  Why do songs like this make me want to destroy things?

Here’s another:

I picture a Hulk-inflicted, total-destruction-like hole with the Foo Fighters’s (seriously–is that correct?  That looks fucking dumb) song but with “White Crosses” I feel a Looney Tunes, me-shaped hole is more appropriate.

One more:

Weird, huh?  Didn’t see it coming, I bet.

OK, one more:

I listened to that before football games in high school.  What’s that?  I’m a what, you say?  Go to hell–I’M NOT YOUR PROBLEM TO SOLVE!

So, what’s your brick wall song?  Reply por favor!


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