Trying Something

I’ve been writing a book for the past few months, but I’ve gotten away from it.  To spark my interest and, to be honest, get it out there a little bit, I set up a blog on Tumblr ( and I will be posting a new chapter of the book every Monday until it’s done, or I’m done, or everyone reading it is done.

I figure that if enough people like it or at least read it, I’ll feel compelled to keep writing it.  Then I’ll sell it, get famous, and forget I knew any of you.  But you’ll all get a chance to read it without buying it, which is a pretty sweet deal, n’est-ce pas?

Please feel free to comment back, especially if you like it.  If you find punctuation errors, grammar or spelling problems, or you have questions about the plot or continuity, please let me know; hopefully it’s win-win–you get a good story and I get my proofreading outsourced.

I’m trying to link the posts with Facebook and Twitter, so that should let you know when there’s a new one ready to read.

Right now, I’ve put out the prologue and tomorrow will be chapter one.  It’s called Intruders.


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